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Alternating Sunday Mornings
Tracks Opens 10:00am EST and Qualify is 11:00am
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Manual Install the GTP v1.1 Mod (Register for racing and see the FSB File Manager and GTP Lite quick install)

1)With your licensed copy of NR2003 in the CD/DVD Drive. Click START, then My Computer. There you should see the CD/DVD drive and NR2003 icon.  RIGHT CLICK on the icon and choose Explore. Click on the SET UP APPLICATION FILE in the folder. (Bluish icon with arrows)

2)Proceed to install a second copy of Nascar Racing 2003 Season to the C:\GTP\Papyrus\Nascar Racing 2003 Season directory.  (You will need to create this path before or during the installation. You will also need to route anything GTP related to this directory only.)  Click "Next" through the process and do not allow the install to update the game for you. See step three.

3)Update the new install of Nascar Racing 2003 Season with the patch here

4)        Update the core.ini file with this one. Modified core.ini file.

5)Install the GTP MOD V1.1 to the new C:\GTP\Papyrus\Nascar Racing 2003 Season directory that you created with the new install. Also change the destination directory to the GTP directory you created..

6)In the C:/GTP/Papyrus/Nascar Racing 2003 Season directory, find a file named config.exe and double-click it to set up your video graphics settings.

7)Next, in the same directory, double-click your GTP_Launcher.exe and click Options.

8)Unlike the way you create a player in Nascar Racing 2003 Season, you must create your player in the Options tab of the GTP_Launcher.  Do this by clicking Add. Add your player name in the last name section. John Doe.  Copy the contents of your regular NR2003 player folder into this new one if you can.  All of your settings will transfer right over. 

9)Be sure to configure the rest of the extra settings the way you want to under the other tabs.  Turn on the "Boost low speed steering"

10)       Once you’ve configured things the way you want them, click Ok and then select a chassis.  The four chassis’ are:

         Toyota CV-88 (chassis A)
          Jaguar XJR9 (chassis B)
        Sauber Mercedes C9 (chassis C)
          Mazda 787B (chassis D)

11)      Then select whether you want to go into a Day or Night and Single player or Multiplayer game (this must be decided in the launcher before you go in.)

12)      Us the GTP Le Mans Series forum to ask for assistance.  These directions are not exact for all systems.

Where to install additonal downloads?

Download tracks to the TrackD folder:
C:\GTP\Papyrus\Nascar Racing 2003 Season\trackD folder
Note: Tracks found here will all be GTP ready.  No ini files to update or known problems.

Download setups to the Player/setups/track folder:
C:\GTP\Papyrus\Nascar Racing 2003 Season\players\your_name\setups\corresponding track folder (Daytona)
Note: The track folder name in the setups folder must match the track folder in the /trackD folder.  Each driver profile has it's own set of track folders and setups.  You may need to create this folder if you have not been on the particular track yet.

Download replays to the replays folder
C:\GTP\Papyrus\Nascar Racing 2003 Season\replays folder
Note: You will need the track installed to view a replay from that track

Download add-ons to the main directory:
C:\GTP\Papyrus\Nascar Racing 2003 Season\folder

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